Understanding Psychotherapy

There are many perspectives on how we came to be who we are and on what we need to do to move forward with our lives. Each perspective is like looking out onto the same yard from different windows. Some windows are relevant for us and some are not. The window Dr. Hull has developed in her work over many years has a holistic frame and a broad, interdisciplinary focus. She works with adults and elders to resolve the triggering effects of trauma, to regain life balance and to develop the ability to grow and the tools for self-directed growth.

Ideally, the process or journey would involve transforming difficulty, trauma, pain into neutrality, transforming neutrality into joy, learning to identify and create that which brings greater overall health and positivity into your life. We have a deep capacity to change our lives, to evolve as persons and to experience our lives more fully. Trust your need to do just that.

Many influences shape our being and beliefs, our behaviors, attitudes and values. Over time, most of us get out of balance, impaired in our ability to expand our being and live with satisfaction. We know we’re out of balance when we notice that we are perpetually irritable, anxious, sad, and dissatisfied. If these feeling states influence your life in significant and limiting ways, realize that you need your own attention; you need your own care. Consider these feelings to be a wake-up call!

Our personal and professional view of psychotherapy is that it provides a vehicle through which to regain life balance. This means different things to different people. To some it means elimination of anxiety, to others it means managing workplace stress effectively and creating a satisfying work environment. To others, it means eliminating the debilitating triggering effects of trauma, neutralizing the present effects of old, difficult circumstances. Psychotherapy provides a vehicle through which to achieve these goals.


Because she has practiced for many years, Dr. Hull has had the opportunity and the training to work with a wide variety of presenting issues. She particularly enjoys working with major life transitions and end-of-life issues. She continues to work with stress, anxiety, depression and dysfunctional family-of-origin issues.


Dr. Hull is a nationally certified practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR), a procedure for neutralizing the triggering effects of past trauma. HMR is an amazingly effective trauma resolution procedure developed by Brent Baum, STB, SSL, ICADC, LISAC, CCH. All of us experience trauma, whether major or minor. Whenever we are moving into trauma (beginning to fall out of an apple tree, or a raging, alcoholic parent comes at us when we are little), just before our system becomes totally overwhelmed we freeze the frame and we freeze the affect that accompanies the event. We are then able to live through the rest of the trauma; its effect is muted. That shutting down the system just before overwhelm is a protective, reflexive function. We all do it, and it serves us well. However, the other side of the coin is that our shutting down the event binds us to it. We store it, like an internal icon, and the icon activates and triggers us whenever we come into contact with events that resemble the original trauma. HMR neutralizes the triggering effect of stored trauma, and it does so without retraumatizing the individual. You can follow the link: www.healingdimensions.com for additional information about HMR.

Developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, Voice Dialogue is the other specialty area that Dr. Hull finds to be seriously effective and relatively easy for clients to operationalize and to use for their own growth and conflict resolution. In a nutshell, the core concept in Voice Dialogue is that we develop a group or family of subpersonalities or selves to keep ourselves safe, given our particular set of circumstances. That system, elegant and essentially protective, gets out of balance for many reasons. The practice of Voice Dialogue restores balance and develops an Aware Ego that acts consciously and transformationally in our lives. For additional information, the Voice Dialogue website link is: www.voicedialogue.org.